A coworking bonus is available in the Region of Brussels

Did you know that you can ask for a coworking bonus from the Region of Brussels ? In fact, since June 1st, the Region has made it possible to get up to 450€ back on your membership in a coworking space. Their goal is to promote entrepreneurship to self-employed and entrepreneurs to leave their house. By trying a coworking space, they benefit from a professional and cosy work space, well equipped compared to the coffee house on the corner of their street.


Is it for me?

This coworking bonus given by the Region of Brussels is dedicated to:

  • individuals domiciled in the Region of Brussels with a project to create a business or to take over,
  • and micro-entreprises located in the Region of Brussels and created less than 3 years ago.

In either cases, some fields of activity are privileged. It will depend on your NACE codes. To check if your NACE codes are included for the bonus, look at this file.

What is the bonus?

Fortunately for you, Manistal is one of the 10 coworking spaces certified by the Region of Brussels. With this bonus, you can get up to 450€ back on your membership! It represents up 3 months of part-time membership or 2 months of full-time pass or in our space.

How can I ask for this bonus?

First, you have to sign a convention with a coworking space certified by the Region of Brussels like Manistal. The duration or the contract must be at least 2 months in full-time or 3 months in part-time. The contract has to take effect up to 3 months after the notification of the grant.

Secondly, you have to fill inquiry form at least 3 months after the signature of the contract with the coworking space.

Individuals have to fill the form here and send it by post or email to the coordinates in the form.

To complete your inquiry, you have to provide these required documents:

  • a sworn statement concerning all grants, subsidies and bonus obtained by the individual the current fiscal year and the past 2 fiscal years
  • a copy of the contract signed with the certified coworking space
  • a copy of a bank statement in which the IBAN bank number and his or her name appear on.

If you are a micro-enterprise, you can directly connect to your Bee profile, fill the according form and add digital copies of the required documents.

What’s next?

Once you have sent your file, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your file up to 1 month afterwards. If your file is complete, you will receive a notification granting or refusing the bonus up to 3 months after the acknowledgement of receipt. If granted, the payment will be done in one time.

Don’t wait too long and go for it!


Not convinced by the coworking space idea? Elisa, one of our coworkers, wrote an article with 5 reasons why you should join us.

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You dan’t have a membership yet? We offer very flexible memberships, in part-time and full-time.
Part-time membership allows you to access our space 3 days per week or 5 half-days par week for 146€ per month instead of 175€ if you sign for 6 months or more.
If part-time is not enough, a flexible full-time membership gives you a 24/7 access to our space for 229,20€ par month instead of 275€ if you sign for 6 months or more.
Every membership comes with company domiciliation, mail management, a private locker, unlimited access to our meeting rooms for internal use, fair trade coffee, tea, organic fruit and homemade pastries.

Too expensive for you? Lucky you! Until August 31st 2019, we have an active crowdfunding campaign. With this campaign, we want to upgrade the acoustic of our space and finance our social projects. One of our projects is SPEAK who provides French and Dutch courses and conversation tables to expatriates in Belgium. For them, we provide free use of our meetings rooms.
With this fundraising, you can subscribe to a 1-year contract in part-time for 2000€ VAT included or full-time for 3250€ VAT included. In the end, it represents 137,14€ VAT excluded par month for the part-time and 223,83€ VAT excluded for a full-time.

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