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Manistal is a family owned business. Its name is an acronym of the 2 first letters of the children's first names: MArjolaine, NIcolas, STephanie, ALexandre.
We believe that coworking is above all a collaborative ecosystem where it is essential to connect & reconnect with the world around us. By creating synergies between people, we promote the development of each of us.
We provide a cosy, friendly & professional work space and the possibility to get a team of experts to help you manage your accounting, your finances, your salaries, your marketing, etc. All this is available starting at 175€ !

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How to de-connect from work on a weekend?

How to de-connect from work on a weekend?

Being an entrepreneur is hard, you seldom can’t delegate and find yourself with simultaneous dilemmas. Weekends should be moments of relaxation for you but is work really ever over when you are an entrepreneur? It is easy to fall in the trap of working 24/7 but the truth is, while it is easy, it will not help you to be more productive. Many of us fall into the trap of being available all the time and never actually take a real break. Yet, there are many things that you can do to help you to de-connect from work and finally enjoy your weekend.

3 ways of exercising at work

3 ways of exercising at work

We have all heard the health benefits of exercising, but do you know how much it could improve your work? You would be surprised how working out can make you happier and increase your productivity at work. It is proven that simply talking a walk outside can greatly impact your mood and intensify your creative fiber. But how can you do this at work? Here is how to include exercising in your work routine and make the most of it.

5 tips to maximize your time at work

5 tips to maximize your time at work

It can often be frustrating to see your coworker being efficient at the other end of the table when all you have done today is procrastinating. You try to focus harder, not take a lunch break, jump from one task to another but nothing works. Your stress level gets greater and you feel like the storm above your head is coming. You wonder what you co-worker’s secret to efficiency is? Stay put to find out, here are 5 tips to maximize your time at work.

6 inspiring podcasts to listen to this fall!

6 inspiring podcasts to listen to this fall!

Incredible stories, inspiring journeys, personal development, food or even unravelling the best marketing techniques: the start of new school year for podcasts looks more than exciting. Manistal has selected 6 podcasts that you absolutely need to listen to.

3 easy lunch recipes to make at work

3 easy lunch recipes to make at work

Ever wished lunch at work was easy to make and healthy? Here…

Our must-read books of summer 2019!

Our must-read books of summer 2019!

There it is! July has come. With it, departures for the holidays, luggage to prepare and lists of all the items we don’t want to forget like this one good book. You know which one I am thinking about. It is the one we never find the time to read, the one which is always on the bedside table, or the one that all your friends are raving about that you promised yourself to buy next time to go to a bookstore. At Manistal, to start summertime with success, we wanted to share with you a selection or four books that we liked. We promise; those have been read and approved by the team!

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