5 reasons why you should join the Manistal community in 2019

You’re a freelancer? And you’re sick of working alone from home? Wellbeing at work is an increasing topic of discussion these days and it’s probably the right time for you to join a coworking space. More than just a shared office, these spaces are true ecosystems for freelancers and entrepreneurs, where you share ideas, help each other out and broaden your networks.

manistal coworking bruxelles - lounge room

 1 – Flexibility

Coworking is without a doubt THE new way of working. Say goodbye to dreary, lifeless, old offices, and to continuously increasing rents. At Manistal, everything is ready for you and you are totally free. You just plug your computer in and take care of your business, while they take care of you with their great coffee and homemade cookies each week, and a full range of professional support services (administration, accounting, payroll, etc.).

2 – Overcome solitude

Working from home can be pleasant for a while, but very quickly, we find ourselves going in circles and depressing and feeling lonely. Stop transforming your coffee or kitchen tables into a last-minute office with all the possible distractions surrounding you and hindering your work. In a collaborative workspace, you get to meet people around coffee or lunch. Perfect moments to network, share and learn from each other. And of course you get back to work re-energized!

3 – An inspiring & motivating work environment

Days go by and it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation and keep up the pace. Working alone from home doesn’t help. You lose your drive, you lose time and end up entering a vicious circle. At Manistal, you are surrounded by plants, close to nature (a couple of minutes of walk from the park), and the support of other coworkers will help you structure and energize your days.

Manistal - our kitchen

4 – Finding balance between personal and professional life

Working from home blurs the line between your personal and professional life and can become a source of stress. Choosing to work outside your home, in a more suitable place, allows you to better organize yourself, to concentrate and to gain serenity and efficiency.

5 – Share your skills and benefit from the community’s expertise

A coworking space is the perfect ground for meeting people and mutualizing talents. You create connections with coworkers from diverse backgrounds, sometimes complementing yours. Potential clients? New business partners?


In the end, choosing to work in a coworking space is showing your customers, colleagues and partners your willingness to engage in a positive ecosystem in line with today’s profound work evolutions.


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