Need a break? We found the 5 best coffee houses in the neighbourhood!

Even if the coffee at Mansital is really good (right?), we understand the need for a breather. And if you like your coffee Ristretto, Latte or Black, you might love it in one of our top 5 coffee-houses in Brussels, next to our coworking space.

1. The famous : Le Café de la Presse

Bagels, carrot cake, pies, tea, coffee and sofas. We love everything about the place. No need to go on a scavenger hunt because it is right in front of our coworking space, on the other side of the street. Have a look at their menu! They offer a wide variety of coffee, tea, juices and pastries. What else could we ask for?

Must: Cosy design + hipster/smart type of crowd

Downside: It is crowdy on peak hours

Price: $$

Address : Avenue Louise 493, 1050 Brussels

Café de la presse - Bruxelles - Copie

(c) Café de la Presse

2. The efficient: MUK

Less famous than its neighbour “Le Café de la Presse”, MUK has a lot to offer. They also have a wide variety of coffee and you can also grab a bite for lunch, either cold or warm food. The atmosphere is cosy and the noise is low.

Must: Calm & cheap coffee

Downside: Small terrace

Price: $$

Address : Avenue Louise 521, 1050 Brussels

MUK - café Bruxelles Legrand Avenue Louise

(c) MUK

3. The gourmet: Eric Kayser

It does not always come to the top of our mind but Eric Kayser is not far from the coworking space. It is a great location to leave the crowdy Avenue Louise and go for a 3-minutes walk from Manistal. A good occasion to stretch your legs and to have a break.

Eric Kayser is an internationally renowned French artisanal bakery with crazy delicious pastries. Moreover, the famous baker transformed its bakery in a small coffee house where you can get great coffee and Parisian, Viennese or English breakfast.

Must: The pastries !

Downside: Expensive

Price: $$$

Address : Chaussée de Waterloo 656, 1050 Brussels

eric-kayser-bruxelles-carnet-de-normann - Copie

(c) Carnet de Normann

4. The Instagram friendly: Chyl

With this one, you will have to walk for about 10 minutes. It’s worth it. Chyl is THE place-to-be near Avenue Louise. The concept is innovative. The decor is gorgeous and might be one the most instagrammed places of Ixelles! We go there for its coffee, its cool organic products and to seek a greener, more environmental-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Must: Take away + the organic shop

Downside: Crowdy at peak hours and when the sun is out, the terrace is packed.

Price: $$

Address : Rue de Belle-Vue 62, 1000 Brussels

Chyl café Bruxelles - Copie

(c) Chyl

5. The healthy : BON

Even if they have coffee, BON is more famous for its fresh and healthy juices and smoothies. The decoration is simple and green (lots of plants).
It is a great alternative to coffee and it is also very close to the coworking space. You just need to cross the avenue!

Must: Juices & Smoothies

Downside: Expensive

Price: $$

Address : Avenue Louise 503, 1050 Brussels

(c) BON



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