Watch out for these 4 types of coworkers you can find in any coworking space!

Manistal and its fellow tribesmen and women do not escape the traditional rules from other coworking spaces. You are meant to find all kinds of clichés concerning themselves in iour midst, or in any other coworking space. Besides, you might recognise yourself in one of the descriptions below…

1) The older brother

From day one, once you joined a coworking space, he is the one who came to you. He is curious and is asking for your name and your profession. Immediately he has taken you under his wing. He will talk about his experience, about how he was an employee before deciding to jump in the entrepreneur’s adventure. You will see he is well acquainted to the usual trio: coffee machine talk, his easiness with his coworkers & the “we-need-to-stick-together-against-the-boss” mindset. He is super cool because he will help you. He will guide you and he might have more experience in his entrepreneurial life than you. Beware! A conversation with him next to the coffee machine might take hours…

2) The geek

Well, this one is not difficult to spot. He might look like a geeky stereotype you have in mind. He is not really vocal and you might not see him leave his computer much. Except for toilet breaks. He is either a programmer, webmaster or SEO expert. In short, he is very busy and will not disturb you. He only needs 3 things: a computer, a good WiFi connexion and multiple mugs of coffee. Once you have identified him, do not be scared to approach him. He might helpful by directing you towards the best tools to use.

3) The carpet seller

It will be impossible for you to miss this one. You just need to listen carefully because he is a born communicator. He is working as a community manager, journalist or a consultant. Relations specialist, he seems to know everyone and his address book might help you at times. Ask him to follow you on social medias and to help you whenever you are stuck. He has a knack for marketing and communication. And your website will thank you later.

4) The start-upper

He came out of a business school like Solvay or ICHEC and he already knows everything about entrepreneurship. His project might be in an embryonic stage but everybody knows it will be a hit even if you can suspect he won’t be staying for long. He is always busy in meetings. If you’re lucky, you might catch him right before his first meeting of the day at the coffee machine. Keep an eye on him. He will appreciate the help you will offer him.


Of course, these are stereotypes of coworkers’ profiles. Even if you might not see the typical clichés in the coworking you’ve joined, you’ll see how close some can be. You might even meet a unicorm, who is more difficult to catch.

So tell us. Did you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions?


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