How to find a space to work from while traveling

Have you ever had to work a couple of hours during your oh-so-well-deserved holidays? “Of course!” is screaming the entrepreneur, the self-employed and the super-connected employee.

Luckily for us, we live in a time when you can work remotely from anywhere in the world; using just a computer and/or a smartphone. But even so, the question remains: “where can we work efficiently while travelling ?”.

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Before launching the Manistal coworking space, Marjolaine Gailly, our founder, had worked from multiple places before in Belgium (her testimonial here) and even if we don’t especially do the parallel, these options are the same when you are abroad.

Here is our compilation from places you can work from when travelling:

1. From your hotel or AirBnb

This solution is the first one that comes to mind because you either have your own room or a common space you can get a good WiFi signal from. And if you are lucky and are staying in a 4 or 5-star hotel, they might have their own business center. You get to keep the comfort of your accommodation, to stay in your PJs (if you are like me and staying in your room) and not to travel with your laptop in the city.

2. From a coffee shop

This solution is the cheapest for the ones who want a change of scenery and catering options like a wide variety of coffees, teas and pastries. You can easily find coffee shops like Starbucks or locals ones thanks to apps like TripAdvisor. Maybe “coffice” is the future of remote work?

3. From a cyber café

Yes, I assure you, these still do exist in some cities around the world! Although they might look shabby, the cyber café is especially needed for those who don’t have the proper equipment to work with.

4. From a coworking space

This is the most professional solution, but it is also be the most expensive of them all. You can easily ask for a visit and get a 1-day pass for free or you buy it for a small fee. While working there, you get the best of the best: access to meeting rooms, quiet rooms, phone booths, catering and an internet connection. Plus it is also a great place to network.

There are loads of platforms mapping all the coworking spaces in the world such as Coworker.com (which I used during my last trip in Thailand), Workfrom.com and Sharedesk.net.

Otherwise, once you have visited one coworking space in a city, do not hesitate to ask others if they have recommendations to make.


So tell me, what option do you use?


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