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Travelling and working at the same time is not always an easy thing. Luckily, some of us can work from anywhere as long as we have a good connexion to Internet and a computer. And we all dream about “working” with our feet deep in the water, while sipping a cocktail drink at the beach. What a life would that be! Unfortunately, this works if you don’t need to put all your focus on it and if it only lasts a day or two. But what happens when you need to work more than a few days and would prefer a more professional place to work from with your own laptop?

During my stay in Thailand in April, I travelled through the country to try several places such as coffee shops and coworking spaces. I started my journey with Bangkok, the 20th best city from the Expat city ranking 2019. No luck for me as there are no beaches but here is my list of places to try while staying in Bangkok.

Photo by Mirco Bazzani on Unsplash

Photo by Mirco Bazzani on Unsplash


1- Looking for a trendy coffee shop? Go to “Buddha & Pals”.

I don’t know for you but I like to work from coffee shops to avoid the silence of my place and the loneliness it brings with. In this case, I just needed to get out of my room which was above the coffee shop. And thus, Buddha & Pals was the first place I worked from in Bangkok.

This coffee shop was just extra. The decor is simple, classy and has a sort of colonial and rustic vibe at the same time. The drinks were excellent and the menu is wide from a simple coffee to cocktail signature. Try the cakes if you can or one of their main dish for lunch. Jim, the owner, and the staff were very welcoming and friendly.

It was a great place to get first acquainted with Thai heath (37°C on my first day) and culture and have some work done in Bangkok.

Plus: Now, they organise jazz nights.

Double plus: They have their own hostel. Check their rooms here.



2- Is great coffee vital for you? Try this award worthy coffee shop, Factory Bangkok.

Factory Coffee in Bangkok is famous for their baristas. Why baristas? Shouldn’t it be coffee? Well, Factory coffee employs World barista champions and Thai Barista champions and runner-up. These baristas are well-known for their skills in coffee making and their creativity in the appearances and tastes of their drinks.

The decor is simple, industrial and elegant. It looks like a reaffected factory with all the concrete and wood. The pastries and cakes are delicious. You should try their signatures coffees like the “Supreme” and pastries like the “Thai Tea croissant”.

You willf ro sure meet several people working in this coffe shop.

Plus : They have their own cold brew coffee to go in glass bottles.



3- How about a coworking space like the famous WeWork?

Are coffee shops not good enough for you? Then, you should try a coworking space like the famous WeWork. They have 4 centres in the capital and I tried the one in the “Asia Centre”, close to Lumpini park, in the business neighbourhood. This way, I could go for a stroll and have lunch in one of the parks of the capital. It is easily accessible with BTS skytrain (stop: Chong Nonsi).

The coworking space is located on the 21st, 22nd, 27th and 28th floor of the Asia Centre. The view from the windows is breath-taking. Like all coworking space of the brand, the common rooms are comfortable and sophisticated and you kind of want to change seats every few hours (when you are there juste for a day or two). The staff is nice and welcoming, and drinks are free. Unlimited coffee, tea and infused water. What a treat!



4- Would you rather not have a massage during a day of coworking at The Hive?

We all need some “me” time and Thailand is where you can get the best massages (in my opinion). The Hive is located next to a BTS skytrain station called “Thong Lo” and in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Sukhumvit. Thus, their coworkers are mostly foreigners. The Hive is also a chain present mostly in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan) and Australia.

The space is cosy, warm and full of natural light with its big windows. On the 2nd floor, the Hive has its own spa. where members get up to 30% discount on all treatments. It has rooftop bar and a terrace on the 6th floor with cocktail nights, yoga sessions at sunset and open-air cinema. On Tuesdays, coworking is free! Jeri, the community manager, is friendly and will always welcome you with a big smile. As a member, you can get up to 30% off on all massages in the spa.



5- Have you also heard about UnionSpace’s new concept?

UnionSpace is the coworking space I heard the most about while traveling. It is part of a small chain in Asia. You can find its sisters and brothers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. Also located in Sukhumvit and close to The Hive, UnionSpace offers a new king of coworking experience.

First, every Sunday their café becomes a cat coffee shop during which you can adopt a cat or just play with them all. Two, Ben, the manager is friendly and comes with his dog to work. Three, every Wednesday is free coworking for all. Four, UnionSpace is also a capsule hotel in which you can stay for several nights and enjoy all the advantages the hotel gives. Five, they organise yoga and Zumba sessions and have nutrition classes from time to time.



So now, you know where to go if you need to work. If you have other addresses to recommend, let us know!

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