The best tools to boost your productivity

As freelancers and entrepreneurs, we are subject to dozens of distractions every day: emails, phone calls, friends offering us a coffee down the street. In short, we may be the most motivated, we all know these moments where despite our great desire to work, all these distractions make tasks difficult to complete.
So, should we give up? NO. Because once again, your favorite coworking has unearthed some magical tools to boost your productivity (tested and approved by the team of course).

When choosing a productivity tool, ask yourself 3 essential questions:
– Will the tool save me time and reduce the number of steps needed to complete a task?
– Is the tool accessible, responsive, and can it sync on my phone/computer/etc?
– Is the interface fun? No need to fight with a tool that you find ugly and incomprehensible. Let your feelings speak!

The project management tool:

Wrike is a great project management tool. It helps divide a project into subtasks, themselves divided into several activities. Automatically, the tool checks and forecasts the team’s workload and via its algorithm, it solves for you scheduling conflicts. The tool is effective in planning, prioritizing and monitoring work. You won’t forget project steps anymore: everything is under control and you get a consistent vision of the overall work to be done. With Wrike, forget post-its, scribbled notebooks and lost pages.
Plus: a visually clear and collaborative interface!
But also: Asana, Trello and Any.do

The tool to clean your mailbox in half a second:

You see this mailbox loaded with messages? You even removed the notification with the number of unread mails on your phone because it stings your eyes? We so understand you! Emails are amongst the most energy-consuming tasks on the web and you have to find a way to make your life easier.

Cleanfox offers you the possibility of cleaning your mailbox in no time: a few clicks are enough and it’s 100% free!

The magic tool to centralize all your messages:

And if were told that a magical tool called Franz, you would gather all your messages on a single platform? That would be great! Be assured, it exists and it’s 100% free too. It allows you to collect and manage all your application in the same space: Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Skype, etc. Don’t lose another minute!

The ultimate tool for programming your social networking posts in advance:

Buffer is the best ally in community management automation. In its free version, you can control up to 3 social networks. We know how important it is to optimize your presence on social networks. We know how these actions can be very time-consuming. So we forget them, we neglect them and that leads to nothing. The key? Plan a time once a week to program all of your social networks.
But also: Hootsuite and Swello (free and paid versions in both cases).


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