Our must-read books of summer 2019!

There it is! July is finally here. Screaming the departures for exotic the holidays, luggages to be prepared and our lists of all our must-haves items we don’t want to forget…like this one good book. You know which one I am thinking about! It is the one we never find the time to read. It is the one next to our bedside table, or the one that all your friends are raving about that you promised yourself to buy next time you go to a bookstore. At Manistal, to start summer with success, we wanted to share with you a selection of our favourite books. We promise; those have been read and approved by the team!

Photo par Ben White sur Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Coworkers; gather around your books and luggages!

Gratitudes – Delphine de Vigan (Grasset, 2019)

Summary: « Have you ever wondered how many times in your life you have been truly grateful? Said a heart-felt ‘thank you’? The expression of your gratitude, of your acknowledgement, of your debt. To whom was it? We always think we have the time to say the things we want to say, but then it is too late.”

Our review: After her book “Loyalties”, the author Delphine de Vigan is pursuing with ‘gratitudes’ her exploration of the intimate laws that governs us all. It is about the story of Michka, an elderly woman who is losing speech. She is surrounded by 2 individuals: Marie, a loyal and close friend and Jerome, a speech therapist. Her story is moving and makes us want to say thank you when it is due. So, thank you Delphine de Vigan for this solar novel, full of love and kindness. It is perfect to read next to the pool.

(only available in French right now)

Vox — Christina Dalcher (NIL, 2019)

Summarry: “Jean McClellan is a doctor in neurosciences. She has spent her life in a research lab, far from all those protest movements which ignited her country. But, even if she wanted it, it was impossible to express herself. Like every woman, she is condemned to a forced silence, limited to a quota of 100 words per day. Indeed, the new government, constituted of a fundamentalist group, decided to abolish the modern day figure. However, when the President’s brother has a stroke, Jean is called to the rescue. Her reward? She, and her daughter, could be freed from her quota of words. But wat she discovers, as she is able to speak freely again, might leave her speechless…”

Our review: This cliff hanging fiction is signed by Christina Dalcher which dips us in a retrograde and misogynistic society where women are silenced. How did we get there? You will know while reading this chilling and addictive new fiction from Christina Dalcher. For those of you who liked the TV series “The Handmaid’s tale”, you will be served. This dystopian novel is in the same vein. We are offering a tête-à-tête with Christina Dalcher on a towel, with your toes spread fanwise!

(Currently only available in French right now)

The Valley : une histoire politique de la Silicon Valley — Fabien Benoit (Les Arènes, 2019)

Summary: « President of a think tanl finance by Google, The Valley is an investigation on the political ideology of Silicon Valle, which has been almost for a century transforming the world with its technological innovations. After the hippie and the countercultural eras between the 60’s and the 70’s, Silicon Valley birthed a radical, hyper-individualistic and speculative capitalism, which defies laws and collective rules. They have one enemy: The State. They also witness difficulties with the imperfect human condition. Owners of those business which are exponentially growing dream of a new order in the world and desire to push our human boundaries. Do we realise how the essence of this libertarian project is weakening our society?”

Our review: Did you know that California represent 1/6th of the World’s GDP (before France) and that the power of this State is built upon the economy of Silicon Valley? This essay is interesting to those who are curious about the Valley, how it was built and how it is working now. Everything is there! The journalist Fabien Benoit is a specialist in new technologies. He comes back with success to the mythical origin of Silicon Valley, its history and ideology. This is a book to read on the terrace of your hotel, while sipping on a cocktail.

(Currently only available in French right now)

La Contagion émotionnelle — Christophe Haag (Albin Michel, 2019)

Summary: « Do you know the most contagious virus on Earth? It is not Ebola virus. It is emotions… And we all caught it already. But how does the transmission works? What are the most contagious emotions, their positive and negative effects on us? On others? Can we decontaminate ourselves from all negative and destructive emotions? Are you emotionally toxic or beneficial to your entourage? With this book, Christophe Haag is taking you aboard on this spatial ship, in the ruthless atmosphere of a trading room, within a cult, in the heart of expeditions in high mountain areas, in the negotiation cell of RAID, on the benches of a court of law…to answer to these questions.”

Our review: Christophe Haag’s approach is attractive unlike numerous essays on the topic. He studied extreme contexts to better understand our daily life. Passionate about teratology, which is the analysis of uncommon and extreme situations, he uses this “magnifying glass” to highlight every subtle emotional contagion of our daily life. It is an eye-opening essay that helps us like a benevolent coach to efficiently boost how we manage our emotions.

(Currently only available in French right now)


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