5 tips to maximize your time at work

Have you ever felt stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work you had to do? Has procrastination taken over your days? Here are 5 tips to maximize your time at work.

It can often be frustrating to see your coworker being efficient at the other end of the table when all you have done today is procrastinating. You try to focus harder, not take a lunch break, jump from one task to another but nothing works. Your stress level gets greater and you feel like the storm above your head is coming. You wonder what you co-worker’s secret to efficiency is? Stay put to find out, here are 5 tips to maximize your time at work.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

1. Focus on tasks

Taking the time to look at your daily tasks can save you a lot of time. Indeed, assigning a time for each task and doing the post pressing ones first will allow you to keep on top of your work. Once the most important ones are done, your day will feel much lighter and you will be able to drift your attention to other things.
Also, while varying tasks may help, enough attention should be given to each task. Indeed, rushing by jumping from one task to another will not help you to maximize your time at work. Thus, try to largely estimate your time allocated to each task to avoid further stress.

2. Take time off

While many believe taking breaks is a sign of laziness, taking short breaks of 5-10 minutes during your day could benefit your productivity. Indeed, constant focus for hours can result in mental fatigue that will surely hinder your productivity. So, take the time to go get that coffee, open a window or go speak with your colleague in the kitchen for a few minutes!
Practicing mindfulness might also be a tool that could help you maximize your time. Indeed, the principle of mindfulness is to liberate your spirit and forces you to take a time out on reality to focus on yourself and your inner feelings. This technique can be beneficial in your work space as it will allow you to take a break and re-center yourself which will at terms help you to maximize your time.

3. Eat healthy foods throughout the day

When you are having a stressful day, it is easy to forget to eat or go to an easy unhealthy meal to grab on the go. Yet, it is argued that if your diet does not provide you with the essential nutrients, your efficiency at work will be negatively affected. Indeed, food can act as an incredible booster for concentration and consequently will help you to maximize your time at work.
The easiest example to illustrate this, is your consumption of water. It has been argued that you should be drinking between one to two liters of water a day. If individuals do not drink a sufficient amount of water, it can lead to brain fatigue and headaches which reduces your productivity. A quick way to keep your water intake on track is to keep a bottle of water next to you or use a tracking app like Yazio.

Yet, eating healthy is also a key part of this healthy diet that will give you the key to the maximization of your time in the workplace. ‘Here: Check out our 3 easy lunch recipes to make at work

4. Organize your work environment

Now take a minute to look at your desk, is it full of unnecessary items and an overload of paper? Chances are you’ve been letting your desk clutter your life. “Robin Zasio argues that physical clutter creates emotional clutter and thus creates a sense of discomfort in your own space.”
Also, if papers are not properly stored, you might waste time searching for the documents for that important meeting. Organization in a coworking can become easier as you might not have a fixed place, or at least only a locker and as such allowing you to focus on the important and enhances your organizational skills.

In order to declutter your desk, you need to find out exactly what you use, clean, sort and donate the unnecessary items. You can ‘check out our desk makeover video’ to see how we decluttered our desk.

5. Make a to do list

Creating an old fashion to do list for the day is a surefire way to keep yourself on track and avoid forgetting your meetings because let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than realizing you forgot a meeting with a client or a potential sponsor. It will allow you to prioritize your work on a timeline and will allow you to delegate more efficiently if needed.
Creating a to do list on the web is also an option to declutter your space and organize your day. Some websites such as Clickup and Asana exist to make your life easier in that area. There are also apps like Wunderlist if you prefer carrying your to do list with you on the go. These will not only maximize your time but also make you feel productive and thus reduce your stress levels.


Now that you know the key to efficiency, you might find yourself with some free time or you might simply desire to do more. Have you ever thought of exercising at work? Well we did, and we made a list of ‘3 easy exercises you can make at work’.



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