About us

Launched in May 2018 by two relatives, Marjolaine and Michel Gailly, respectively daughter and father, Manistal is much more than just a coworking space. It is a family business whereas you will be welcomed by either one of them or Alexandre or Stéphanie, Marjolaine’s brother and sister. Together, they create this cosy atmosphere in this inspiring and zen-like open space. Even the name of the company has a family ring to it. It is an anagram of the first two letters of the four children of Michel, our co-founder ; Marjolaine, Nicolas, Stéphanie, Alexandre.

The space has been designed in collaboration with Space Refinery to make the coworkers feel at peace and at home, in an elegant and professional space. It is an open space, full of natural light. It is furnished to reflect the light, from sunrise to sunset, and houses more than 180 green plants. There are a few spots of colours which remind us of nature. Our them is “playful nature, lively elegance”.

It is serene but also friendly. Manistal is constructed with large living areas, perfect to have a break, make a call, listen to music, play foosball or savour a mug of coffee with one of those fresh and homemade cookies available every week.

Our vision

At Manistal, we provide a cosy, friendly and professional work space with the following belief. 

Coworking is above all a collaborative ecosystem where it is essential to connect & reconnect with the world around us. By creating synergies between people, we promote the development of each of us.

Our mission

We want to help starters, self-employed and small businesses in their development and growth, by creating connections and inspiring them, in a cosy and professional atmosphere.

Within the coworking space, a team of experts is at your service to help you manage your accounting, your finances, your salaries and your marketing & communication.


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