Conference – Tomorrow’s organizations – EN

11 March 2019

18 h 30 min - 20 h 30 min

Avenue Louise 500 - 1050 Brussels


Our world is evolving, as well as our businesses & organizations. New business models are emerging, new ideas spread fast, supported by even faster developing technologies. There have never been so many freelancers & startups being created, seeking more meaning, impact & freedom in their work.

We have been hearing these last years about new organizational models: teal organizations, sociocracy, holacracy, freedom-form organizations, etc.


How can we, as individuals, follow this pace? How can our teams & organizations accelerate, and become more agile and more fluid ?

Is there ONE good model ? Or ONE right set of organizing principles?

How can we select the right talents and give our people something to rally behind?

How to find the right balance between structure/processes & freedom of organization?


Manistal coworking in Brussels - Marjolaine Gailly

Here are some of the questions that will be addressed during this conference, animated by Marjolaine Gailly, Founder & Managing Partner of PeterLily (but also of Eureduka & Manistal), a serial entrepreneur building businesses around cocreation, transparency, empowerment, and social engagement.


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