Conference – When Management Meets Music – EN

24 April 2019

18 h 30 min - 20 h 30 min

Avenue Louise 500 - 1050 Brussels


The programme “When Management Meets Music” offers a totally new experience by approaching the topics of innovationagility and leadership through the prism of music.

Along with inspirations and links with different professional contexts that music can bring, concrete and usable tools are offered to the attendees for their own professional environment. Music and the way it is created makes for many surprises and leaves a profound and durable mark on everyone’s mind.

How do contemporary composers manage to write “new” music, in a context where “everything” already exists?

How are jazz musicians naturally able to act with so much agility? What’s their secret recipe?

Is it possible to make a symphonic orchestra perform with more than 100 musicians without calling upon a conductor?

The programme begins with a musical activity needing absolutely no prerequisite. It acts like a powerful ice-breaker and allows the participants to experience what musicians and creators do. This is then used in the interactions during the workshop, which aims to be interactive at all time. For this section, we are lucky enough to have two prestigious guests, the leaders of the electro-pop band Fùgù Mango, well known from radio, concert and festival appearances. They interact during the rest of the day by sharing their experience of being professional musicians.


julien lepièce fùgù mango - conférence - when management meets music

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