Manistal Family & Friends

Manistal Family & Manistal Friends are 2 packages we are offering for a 12-month access to all our evening activities.

Every week, we are organizing evening conferences on topics like how to manage your accounting, how to optimize your salary as freelancer, how to finance your business and growth, how to build a kickass pitch, how to manage your teams, how to innovate, and much more.
We will also organize more fun activities, like gin or wine tastings, game nights, babyfoot tournaments, etc.

You will find all details of our events on the “Events” page.

Which one is for you ?

If you are part of the coworking space, then you already are part of the family & get a special treatment ! 😉

Otherwise, you can become a very good friend and visit us every week ! 🙂

Manistal Family

*Available to all our coworkers with a monthly subscription


VAT incl.

Manistal Friends

*Available to externals & pass holders

Including 10 units :
– 10 days of coworking
– or 10 hours of small meeting rooms

VAT incl.

Interested ?

How does it work ?

There are 2 situations:

1. Once you have a valid package, you book your tickets yourself by selecting the free entrance ticket in all events you want to participate to.

2. Or you can send us an email with all the trainings you want to book your seat to. You will get en email confirmation for every event in which a booking under your name is registered.

Practical information:

– All passes are nominative.
– A package is valid for 12 months, beginning on the starting date selected on the plateform.
– A package gives access to all our evening activities (only organized by Manistal).
– All holders of these packages must book there tickets to all events they want to participate to.


Book a Tour

Would you like to see our space before joining? Come and visit our coworking space. Please fill out the form and our manager will get back asap.

Thank you for submitting for a visit of the coworking space. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you click send. If not, please check your spam folder and mark the e-mail as safe.