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Looking for a head office in Brussels?

  • Prestigious address on Avenue Louise, above the Chambers of Commerce of Brussels
  • Mail management
  • Mail digitalization and forwarding by email
  • Private locker
  • 2 hours of access to a meeting room per month OR 2 days of coworking per month
  • For a 1 year contract, get a free 10-day pass to the coworking space. It is valid 1 year and costs 150€.

100,00€ VAT excluded /month

Wether you are launching your business oryou want to expand, choosing the address to register or transfer your head office can be a subject to debate.


Do I really want to share my private address as a company address? What shoud I do if I need to meet customers or partners?

Can I afford to rent or buy my own offices? With the equipment needed- between the printer, the paper, the cartridges, the coffee machine, the keetle, the water fountain, biscuits, a hoover and so on? How would I do with the maintenance? Do I do all the upkeep myself?

How can I choose the best region or city to implant my company? Which region/community gives more grants that I could need in time?


And the list of questions goes on and on.

Have you ever thought about a commercial domiciliation?

To subscribe to a company domiciliation in a coworking space in Brussels is providing you of a commercial address in the Belgian capital without having an actual physical office and employees there.

Indeed a lot of self employed persons and small companies prefer to register their company in a “virtual office” for diverse reasons.


First of all, it opens doors to which they did not have access to before. By example, it offers an access to aids and grants from the Region of Brussels, different than from the other 2 regions.


Second, they can benefit from a better image due to the physical address. Avene Louise is one of the most prestigious ones from the capital. Moreover, ours is the same than the Chambers of Commerce of Brussels.


Third, they avoid renting or buying their own office space which would have been empty.


Fourth, they dodge the rigidity of lease agreements and engagements with suppliers which can be of 3, 6 or 9 years.

Your headquarters on the prestigious Avenue Louise?

Benefit from pour company domiciliation in Brussels, at Manistal, right now!


As a matter of fact, you can register your company in Europe’s capital, on the most prestigious Avenue of Brussels, Avenue Louise.


You share your address with the Chambers of Commerce of Brussels, which are in the same building. With whom, you can get closer to benefit from their services as you launch or develop your activities.


You can also benefit from our broad range of professional services without having to move around.

Company domiciliation in Brussels, at Manistal

With every company domiciliation, we take care of your mail. We digitalize and forward them to you per email every day.


Afterwards, they are stored in your private locker until you drop by to take them or we send them back to you by post.


You also get 2 hours of access to our meetings rooms to meet your customers. They are welcomed by our team, from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm.


Lastly, our contract has an open end date with the possibility to terminate the contract with a 1 month notice.


All of this is available for 100€ VAT excluded per month!

1-year promotion

If you subscribe to a 1-year contract, you get a free 10-day pass access to the coworking space for free. This pass is valid one year from the first day you work from the coworking space and costs 150€ VAT excluded.


This pass gives you access to the coworking space for 10 days, during opening hours from Monday to Friday between 8.3 am and 6.30 pm (public holidays excluded), to meeting room, a private locker for the day and coffee, teas & homemade pastries.

Sneak peak of Manistal coworking

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